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Project Spark HK

a community of volunteer teachers and refugee children working together to 

spark hopeful futures

We believe that all children

(regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, home country or beliefs)

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can contribute great things to the world if armed with core academic skills, confidence, and a passion for learning.

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We believe that caring, professional teachers

Story Time
Pencil and notepad
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are uniquely equipped to help refugee children become confident, independent learners capable of making meaningful contributions to the world.

Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15

Project Spark connects

Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15

Hong Kong's refugee children with caring, professional teachers so that together

they can spark a hopeful future

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Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 15

The challenges refugee children in
Hong Kong face are not small

...but neither are they insurmountable

They live below the poverty line, in families affected by trauma, and with restricted access to basic government services as small as a library card and as large as adequate healthcare.  These conditions make progressing smoothly in school difficult.  Understandably, many of our students are below grade level and most have learning gaps.

our beliefs
how we act on our beliefs
the problem we address
Blue Sparkles
Blue Sparkles
Blue Sparkles

Our teachers and students work together to build:

Fundamental skills

in literacy,
numeracy, and technology



in academic skills, natural abilities, and who they can become

They work in teams of two

Teachers and students meet one-to-one every week (either once or twice) to focus on math, English, and technology skills.  A one-to-one relationship makes it easier for teachers to identify and address learning gaps and easier for our students to develop a positive learning relationship with the teacher.


When learning is fun, students feel more confident in what they can do and who they can become, and teachers no longer "work" but enjoy their passion to teach.

They have fun doing it!

our solution

(They're the best!)

Meet our teachers

teacher Jen.jpeg


I am a primary school English teacher who loves running, cycling, and the outdoors.



I am an secondary school technology teacher who collects retro sneakers.



I teach 9 year-olds and am a musician, singer, and songwriter.



I am a primary school teacher and

a certified kids mindfulness and yoga instructor.

Meet our students

(They're the greatest!)


I am 10 years old

and I love to paint

and read.

My home country is Rwanda.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 11_edited.jpg

I am 8 years old

and love to ride my scooter and work in puzzle books . My home country is Indonesia

9a8aa697-3da6-4e49-8173-925192bf608a (1)_edited.jpg

I am

11 years old

and I love to read books about girls my age. My home

country is Rwanda.


I am 6 years old

and I love cars.

My home country

is Egypt.

As a small note, we respectfully do not post photos of our students for the safety of the students and their families. But we do love posting their artwork!

Meet our teachers
Meet our students

Join our Community!

We love growing our community with new teachers and friends!

If you are a professional teacher or a friend with administrative skills and would like to help refugee students spark a more hopeful future,  we would love to speak with you!


We look forward to speaking with you!

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