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How we do it

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Project Spark is guided by the principles of respect and kindness, collaboration, aspiration, joy, and professionalism. We believe we can make the greatest impact by leveraging our distinctive resource - a corp of volunteers professionally trained as international teachers -  and by avoiding the duplication of services already provided to Hong Kong's refugee community. 

Our Guiding Principles

 Our Guiding Principles____________________________________________________________________

Respect and Kindness

Project Spark teachers, students, and families all make a pledge of respect and kindness in order to join our community.  Respect and kindness are the glue that holds a community together, and the stronger the glue, the stronger and more successful the community and the individuals who belong to it.   


Project Spark works hand-in-hand with other organizations serving the refugee community, relying on their expertise to address the legal, economic, and psycho-social needs of our students while we offer our own expertise in education. When organizations with complimentary aims work together, they cut costs, improve outcomes, and improve the sustainability of their programmes.


Project Spark believes in their student's abilities, talents, and what they can offer the world.  Sensing this belief, students raise their expectations of themselves and aspire to more meaningful goals.  Aspirations are key to Project Spark as they are the building blocks of hopeful futures.  


Project Spark approaches each teaching relationship with a joyful attitude so that both the student and teacher can bring their best self to each meeting. When students feel safe and valued, learning becomes joyful and effortless.  When students are proud of their learning, teachers find joy in their work. 


Project Spark is proud of the professionalism of its volunteer teachers and aims to maintain the same level of professionalism throughout its organization.  Generous pro-bono support from professional organizations like Mayer Brown for legal services and Save the Children for child safeguarding training help us maintain a high-level of professionalism in all we do.

Our Strategic Framework

 Our Strategic Framework_________________________________________________________

Project Spark's strategy leverages the expertise of its professionally trained international teachers - what we believe to be our differentiating capability - in order to achieve the greatest possible impact.  We keep our focus narrowed on only those things we can do well, and we avoid duplicating services already being provided to the refugee population by other organizations.  To maintain the stability of our operations, we seek out resources already available to us before asking donors to fund new ones.

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