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Why we do it

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Hong Kong's refugee children face many challenges that make it difficult for them to learn effectively and build self-confidence in a formal classroom.  This can have devastating consequences for their futures if not addressed while they are children.

Student Learning Gaps

Challenges lead to learning gaps_____________________________________________________

Refugee children often struggle in school because of unresolved learning gaps that have accumulated over time.  These gaps result from a combination of a few or all of the following:

  • the fast-pace at which local schools move through an ambitious curriculum

  • the inability of parents to offer adequate homework support

  • second language challenges that inhibit classroom learning

  • students’ lack of academic confidence due to prejudices and bullying they have experienced (both in and out of the classroom) based on their race, religion, culture, or status as an "outsider"

If left unresolved, these gaps damage the student’s sense of self-worth in the short-term, their willingness to stay in school in the medium-term, and their ability to find fulfilling employment as adults in the long-term.  Most important, it prevents the students from contributing their full potential to the world - an opportunity that every child deserves.

Value in growing confident, independent learners___________________________

Confident Learners

Project Spark students face a very uncertain future.  Hong Kong law prohibits asylum-seekers and refugees from settling in Hong Kong permanently, only allowing them to remain in Hong Kong temporarily until they can be resettled in another country. When and where this resettlement will take place is unknown.  What is known is that eventually these students will need to adjust to a new school, a new culture, and a new country. 


Arming these students with the ability to learn independently and confidently no matter what future challenges they face is one of the most powerful forms of support our community can offer them. 

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